7 kW positioning system

Instantaneous power of the system: 0 W

The system 2021-05-12 generated: 15 kWh

This page shows live data of electricity generated by 7 kW and 3 kW power 2 axis positioning systems. These positioning systems are the part of 60 kW power plant “Rifas Solar”. All the sun generated electrical energy is fed into the main electrical grid.

Both 7 kW and 3 kW power 2 axis positioning systems move monocrystalline PV modules according to the direction of the sun. 7 kW tracker has a total PV module area of 50 m2 and 3 kW is 19 m2. Both systems work according to the algorithm of date and time created by Green start. The graphs of energy, generated by the positioning systems are placed below.

Instantaneous power of the day

Generated energy